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With the right Niagara Falls realtors by your side, you can expect extraordinary home-selling services that go beyond the transaction.

If you are looking Bungalows for sale in Niagara Falls or any other city in Ontario, Durgesh Patel, Niagara Realtor can help sell your Bungalow with ease.

Our Services

  • Maximum exposure of your home through digital marketing.
  • Full MLS Listing.
  • Expert negotiation tactics to get the best price and terms on your behalf.
  • Free CMA report of your home.
  • Frequent open houses until your home is sold** Subject to COVID-19 protocols.
  • Provide reliable and professional references for third parties such as movers, lawyers, accountants.
  • Full service real estate services until your sale deed is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

For most people, selling a home is a rare event, maybe every 5-10 years or more. There are hundreds of little details and decisions that go into listing a home. That is why it is in your best interest to have an amazing real estate agent and a really good understanding of what we do, why we do it, and what you can expect throughout the process.
The first step is to assess your personal goals for the sale of your home. Just like in any industry, there’s a wide range of service options, and it’s important to consider the pro’s and con’s of each option. Clarify what your priorities are. Then decide what type of Real Estate Professional will best meet your needs.

Every real estate market is different, therefore, the best time to sell a home will be different for everyone.

Since every home seller’s situation is different, you should discuss the timing of your home sale with your real estate in Niagara Falls.

There are several things you need to know before listing your home for sale!  Not properly preparing a home for sale can put a home owner at a huge disadvantage.


The expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is absolutely true when it comes to selling a home.  When selling a home you must be sure that your home presents itself in the best possible light.  Making sure clutter is at a minimum, freshly painting rooms, installing new carpeting, or ensuring odors are non-existent are just a handful of things that should be done before listing your home for sale.

Most homeowners want to know how much their home is worth.  One of the best perks to owning a home is the ability to make it your own and improve it how you would like which culd potentially increase the value of your home. Finding out how much your home is worth is not something that should be done without asking your real estate agent. For a complimentary home valuation, please contact Durgesh Patel.

A professionally completed appraisal of your home will take into account many features of not only a home, but also the local area and neighborhood. Considerations include, but is not limited to:
  • Square footage
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Upgrades to kitchen
  • Window quality
  • Roof age
  • Lot features
  • Location; primary or neighborhood street?
  • Style of residence
  • Flooring type
Many homeowners looking to sell their home in Niagara Falls believe they should price their thousands higher than what their real estate suggests leaving room for negotiations and low-ball offers. A well-priced home will sell quickly and will sell for close to the listing price. There is no need to leave room for negotiations, as today’s home buyers are very well educated. A seller who prices their home high to leave room for negotiations can be costing themselves more money than if they price it to reflect the suggested market value.

A comprehensive customized marketing plan is something that you should expect from your real estate in Niagara Falls when selling your home.  The days of placing a sign in front of a property and waiting for someone to sell it are over.  With the impact of the internet, it is critical that not only is your home marketed through “traditional” avenues, such as newspapers and mailings, but it must also get maximum exposure online.

A real estate agent in Niagara Falls should have a quality website, and a strong social media presence.  Remember over 90% of buyer’s are beginning their home search online!

Making sure your home is cleaned, de-cluttered, bright, and that no foul odors are present.